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Here are some remixes made with beautiful freely-usable images from Unsplash: an amazing community of creatives that delivers high quality photos. It allows me as a designer to create and experiment with artworks using amazing images.
Danielle Barten
An art advisor wanted a bright branding. She told me that in certain cultures a pineapple is put out on the table to show visitors that they are welcome. The logo and the branding are a visualisation of this habit.
Creative Rugs
Almedahls wanted a playful, clean and target group-aimed layout for their “Creative Rugs 2020” catalog. The product is a platform where architects and interior designers can order, assemble and customize carpets. A unique service with endless features.
Achter de duinen
A foundation in the Netherlands that wanted a logo and layout for their webpage. Their task is to gather people, organize events and a wide variety of talks. A place where connections between individuals are made and lead to interesting collaborations.
Vidjeskog Consulting
A logo and graphic profile for an engineer that wanted a logo to reflect his capability to find a specific solution for every client. He asked for an undefined shape that would have a technical and bold look.
A poster is a format that I love and that gives me both space and freedom to play with. It is a classic way of spreading a message and it is timeless. Here is a selection of posters for both clients and personal projects.
Almedahls Autumn
A petit brochure for Almedahls products for their Home autumn collection.
Kernkoppen released a couple of EP vinyls. For each EP I made illustrations + handmade type for the cover and an artwork for the merchandise.
Mölndals Lilla Vetenskapsdag
An event for children to learn more about science organized by AstraZeneca in collaboration with Gunnebo Slott and Universeum. The folder and the poster together with a certificate were sent to all the students that participated in the event.
Exsqueeze Me Massage
Logo and branding for a massage studio in Gothenburg.
Surf Icons
Cowabonga - Hang loose - Shaka - Keanu Reeves - Green room
AstraZeneca Capability brochure
A brochure that presents every department within AstraZeneca Gothenburg. For internal use to give employees an overview on the entire site and for external use to attract new people to the company and to push the number of collaborations.
Tante Zus
A catering service in the Netherlands. Serving comfort food, Italian dishes and Indonesian delicacies for events and dinners.
Lidingö Moderna
An online/pop-up art gallery. A minimalistic logo but also strong and easy to recognise by both artists and art lovers.
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